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With you in my life

In my heart and mind you brought great impact

Even more beautiful and meaningful than green abstract

So good and noble that money can’t buy

Believe me that’s true I have no reason to lie

The flames of our hearts have been rekindled

I wish it will never ever be dwindled

So many changes and new things had been occurring

Every wound in me you’ve been curing

You’re more precious and gorgeous than Athena

More graceful with ease than a ballerina

You’re the one I’ve been looking for all this time

Don’t ever let go and simply be mine

Hide me and lock me inside your heart

Because I don’t want us to be apart

You’re nothing compared to diamond and gold

With you my tender, I want to grow old

My worthless life would be filled with despair

This small simple thing I am to declare

Without you here beside me and caring

Then no one in this world will I be sharing

I am living and breathing for a purpose named you

More permanent and unchanging than a tattoo

Believe me this is the first time this has been exposed

I can see you even with my eyes closed

Please stay with me forever and always

Without you I’ll roam every hallway

In search of you around the world

I won’t stop until I’m totally curled

But with faithful luck you’re with me

I wish you’ll always be

Nothing will affect our never ending story

Whenever I’m with you’ll never feel sorry

Even if the stars, the moon and the sun collapse

There will always be another set of maps

For us to explore and live each other out

From a seed to a tree together we’ll sprout

In our love nothing can exceed

Without you I’ll surely bleed

Please stay where you are

Right here inside my heart

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